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Our Partner Skateboarding Advocacy Groups
 The Dan Hughes Network

PFS applauds Mr. Hughes for his years of participation and leadership in the Pacific Northwest skateboarding community. A well-seasoned advocate for the sport, Dan has spent a great deal of time and energy exploring public skateparks with his family, and documenting his travels to share with everyone. His web site provides a wealth of information about the current state of skateboarding throughout this region.

 Dr. Tae, Your Skateboarding Physics Professor

Dr. Tae is a skateboarder, videographer, scientist, and teacher. As a skateboarder, he's best known for his consistent 360 flips, which admirers have nicknamed "Tae Flips." He is producing The Physics of Skateboarding with Dr. Tae, a video series which combines his interests in science, skepticism, skateboarding, and education. Dr. Tae also explained the physics behind Jake Brown's slam on the MegaRamp at X Games XIII, and redesigned the control system for the wireless skateboard peripheral used with Tony Hawk: SHRED.

 International Society of Skateboarding Moms

The International Society of Skateboarding Moms - even they smile when they say it - is about making time for play, no matter your age. It's about staying fit (despite those half-eaten kid meals you've gobbled). It's about dispelling stereotypes (moms as domestic divas, skaters as delinquents). It's about living for the moment, if only for a moment in time. But mostly, it's about the ride.

 Manik Skateboards

Manik Skateboards is a Seattle-based company started in 2001 as a creative outlet. Using a variety of channels such as photography, film, and art, Manik strives to have fun while also pushing the progression of skateboarding in a positive direction.

 Marginal Way Skatepark

The Marginal Way skatepark is a local Do-It-Yourself project built by volunteers. Its mission is to create a legal recreational facility for skateboarders in the City of Seattle. Clean up of the site - originally littered with garbage, human waste and graffiti - began in October 2004 with approval from surrounding businesses. The Marginal Way project is currently navigating the City of Seattle's permitting process. Please help save it!

 Public Skatepark Development Guide

The Public Skatepark Development Guide is the world's first comprehensive instructional manual on skatepark advancement and is a publishing collaboration between the International Association of Skateboard Companies, Tony Hawk Foundation, and SPS. The Guide presents the collected wisdom of dozens of the nation's most effective skatepark proponents and expertly discusses every stage of skatepark creation.

 River City Skatepark

There is a need for activities for youth in Seattle. South Park holds the highest population of youth per capita in the city (2000 census). Skateparks provide for the need for activity, in a way alternative to organized sports and sanctioned activities. While providing for this need, River City hopes to offer an alternative to youth who might otherwise be tempted by drugs, alcohol, or street crime. Adjacent to Cesar Chavez Park, the new branch library, and South Park Community Center, River City Skatepark will be an active place for youth of all generations to gather, share, teach, learn - and get some exercise!

 Seattle Skateparks Dot Org is the premiere clearinghouse for emerging news and information about Seattle Skatepark Advocacy. Check the site regularly to stay on top of the latest developments in all of Seattle's neighborhood skatepark campaigns.

 Skate Like a Girl

Skate Like A Girl is a loose-knit group of self-identified girl skateboarders who love skateboarding and who are determined to create an inclusive counter-culture to the often exclusive culture that is mainstream skateboarding these days. We organize weekly girl skate jams, a week-long summer skate camp and annual events, as well as offer instructional clinics to groups of all ages. We strive to build community coalitions with other projects that are working to challenge oppression in all of our varied communities and to promote FUN FOR ALL!

 Skaters for Portland Skateparks

Skaters for Portland Skateparks mission is to create a comprehensive system of world-class public skateparks in Portland, Oregon. Our vision is to make skateboarding safe and freely accessible to every skateboarder every day for everybody's benefit. Skaters for Portland Skateparks is a non-profit corporation, tax exempt pursuant to 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.

 Skaters for Public Skateparks

SPS is a non-profit skatepark advocacy organization, international in reach, dedicated to providing the information necessary to build safe, rewarding, freely-accessible skateparks that are available to everybody. SPS is already blazing a trail toward the accomplisment of this noble goal, drawing on decades of collective preparation and experience by its diverse membership.