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Seattle Solar Skatepark Shelter System (S5)

In Seattle, the case for covered skateparks has always been a no-brainer. At many sites, lights would also be appropriate. But the real question is how to pay for these wonderful, yet nonessential, park amenities. Paradoxically, Seattle gets about as much sunshine as Germany, the current world leader in solar energy production. This initiative welcomes the rapidly-expanding field of green energy technology to Seattle's existing skatepark system by providing solar site analyses of selected sites in support of the case for solar roofs.

The table below provides links to site reports generated with Solar Pathfinder. To download the report for any site, click the appropriate Site Report icon. Also listed below are the estimated cost, size and energy production capacity of each solar array, plus the number of years required to reach the "Payback Point" where the value of energy produced will pay for the cost of the roof itself.


Skatepark Estimated Solar
Array Cost
Sqare Feet
Annual Value of
Electricity Produced
Estimated Years
to Payback Point
Site Report
Judkins Park $605,0005,00058.50 $66,8069.06